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Dental lasers are high-tech treatments aids that allow patients to receive oral health care that is quicker and more precisely targeted. Dental lasers also diminish the need for anesthetic during treatment and produce less noise than standard dental equipment, making laser dentistry ideal for patients who are anxious about visiting the dentist.  At Feather Sound Smiles, Dr. Amir Daoud and his team are proud to offer their patients the benefits of laser dentistry in Clearwater, Florida.

Treatment with Dental Lasers

Our Fotona Lightwalker laser can be used on both hard and soft tissue, meaning it’s perfect for filling decayed teeth and treating gum tissue that has been adversely affected by the disease.  Our Clearwater dental office uses dental lasers to aid in:

Gum disease treatment – Deep cleanings are routine gum disease treatment that helps prevent the progression of the condition. Our dental laser removes swollen or infected tissue, kills bacteria that causes gum disease, and promotes healthy re-attachment of gum tissue and even the growth of new tissue.

Root canal therapy – Lasers are essential for the PIPS root canal method, an approach to endodontic care that preserves more of your natural tooth structure and more effectively cleanses the tooth canal of infected pulp. Studies have shown the laser-assisted root canal to be highly effective.

Tooth extractions – If you have a tooth that is in need of extraction, Dr. Daoud can use a dental laser to gently remove some of the bone surrounding the tooth. In doing this, tooth extraction becomes a stress-free and easy experience.

Filling cavities – With a laser, Dr. Daoud can precisely remove decayed portions of teeth. This targeted method of dental care lessens the need for drills and anesthetic and preserves more of your healthy tooth structure.

Our laser is so gentle, many patients don’t even need anesthetic for a comfortable experience.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

The versatility, precision, and gentleness of dental lasers make them ideal treatment aids in caring for both children and adults. As we perform treatment, our laser seals tissue and blood vessels, so you heal more quickly and experience less discomfort. For those patients who are fearful about receiving dental care, laser dentistry is quiet and comfortable and thereby prevents triggers (such as noise and anesthetic injections) that produce anxiety in some patients.

Dr. Daoud gives patients the opportunity to receive the most conservative and long-lasting treatment. By using a dental laser, he helps patients save more of their existing teeth to promote life-long oral health.

Not many people excitedly anticipate a visit with their dentist. We all associate that dreadful annual event (or biannual if you’re extra healthy) with drills, scalpels, and discomfort. But the advent of laser dentistry has truly revolutionized the field. This relatively new technology has propelled the antiquated practice of drilling and scraping into a more patient-friendly experience.

Over the past two decades, laser technology has become prevalent in so many medical practices. Why does it come as a surprise that it is gaining popularity in dentistry, too?

Dental lasers serve many different purposes. A laser produces an intense, acute beam of light energy that, when in contact with a surface can shape and remove tissue. Lasers often work as surgical, cosmetic, and restorative tools.

Laser dentistry can aid in a myriad of dental procedures:
– Treatment of gum disease by removing inflamed gum tissue
– Exposing partially erupted wisdom teeth
– Removing and exposing gum and bone during crown procedures
– Decreasing bacteria in root canals
– Reducing a patient’s amount of cold and canker sores
– Hastening tooth whitening procedures

When employing any new technology, your primary concerns will mainly be ones of efficacy and safety. The following information about the benefits of laser dentistry will help to reduce any hesitation you might be feeling as you go in for your next check-up.

5 reasons you should consider using laser dentistry.

1. More Precision
With lasers, a dentist can interact more precisely with tissue and sometimes even remove several layers of cell tissue at a time. A certain kind of laser called the “Erbium” can be highly selective when working to remove elements of a diseased tooth. With such accuracy, you can see why the laser is often preferred over the old-fashioned drill.

2. A Cleaner Overall Operation
Reduced bacteria and pathogens are another of the dental laser’s positive attributes. Bacteria from the patient’s mouth won’t collect on a laser the same as it might on a scalpel or traditional drill.

In fact, using a laser can physically reduce the amount of bacteria in infected gums and tooth cavities. Lasers are equipped with the ability to disinfect and detoxify diseased tissue while in use.

3. Reduced Need for Anesthesia
Lasers cause less discomfort during and after a procedure compared to traditional dental tools, thus reducing the necessity of local anesthesia. Swelling is also diminished with the use of lasers.

Plus, because lasers limit the amount of bleeding in the surgical field, dentists can maintain a clear visualization of where they’re putting their tools. This lessens the need for injectable anesthesia.

4. Increased Patient Comfort
Have you ever heard of a patient actually enjoying their experience at the dentist? With laser treatment, you’ll finally feel relaxed about your upcoming appointment.

Laser dentistry makes patient anxiety over drills a thing of the past. No more loud buzzing and annoying humming noises that can put a patient on edge. The laser emits nothing but a rush of air due to its suctioning technology.

Of course, a huge benefit is that you’ll feel less pain. The prospect of painful, invasive surgery can deter so many patients from even making an appointment in the first place. With laser dentistry, you may not even need that dose of anesthesia.

You can also say goodbye to the swelling and bleeding that we’ve all come to expect after a visit to the dentist. Laser technology makes the prospect of oral surgery at least a little more inviting. Hey, you’re not scheduling yourself a massage, but you’re not signing up for a boxing tournament either.

5. Faster Procedures, Faster Healing
Lasers are considerably less invasive than traditional drills and scalpels. With their increased specificity, lasers can quickly pinpoint tooth and gum problems and rapidly remove decay.

Because lasers promote exceptional hemostasis (the stopping of blood flow), a patient won’t often need sutures or surgical packing. The operation is complete as soon as a patient hops up from the chair.

The speed of a laser procedure also contributes to a healthier postoperative surgical field. Laser dentistry boasts a reduction in inflammation, bleeding, and bacteria, which all promote faster healing. No more walking out of the dentist’s office, puffy and bleeding, looking like you’ve just lost a fight.

Perfection in Laser Dentistry

LightWalker lasers are designed for dental perfectionists and all forward-thinking professionals who wish to upgrade their daily dental experience with new treatment possibilities that only the latest laser technology can offer. Following its launch, Fotona’s LightWalker dental laser system quickly earned widespread industry acclaim and highly respected technology and innovation awards. LightWalker’s patented QSP (quantum square pulse) mode represents an important technological advancement, improving the laser’s interaction with dental tissues for optimized patient comfort, speed, and clinical results.

High-Performance Dentistry, Without Compromises

LightWalker’s state-of-the-art design, engineering, and patented technologies have made it the world’s fastest-cutting Erbium laser, outperforming even rotary burs in terms of speed and precision, while simultaneously offering a wide range of highly effective hard- and soft-tissue treatments. LightWalker’s easy-to-select operating modes and advanced laser-beam delivery systems enhance the precision and performance of each laser treatment for optimal clinical efficacy.

Broad Spectrum of Effective and Easy-to-Perform Applications

From conservative dentistry, endodontics and implantology to periodontics and soft-tissue surgery, LightWalker lasers offer the most comprehensive list of clinical applications of any dental laser made today. LightWalker is also perfect for cosmetic dental procedures such as Fotona’s gentle but highly effective TouchWhite™ laser tooth whitening. And with an optional aesthetic upgrade, the LightWalker AT / AT S model can even be used for facial skin treatments, such as wrinkle reduction.

Typical treatment procedures with LightWalker are faster, easier to perform and with less pain and shorter healing times compared to conventional treatments.

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FeatherSound Smiles provides the best technology possible for ideal treatment outcomes. We’re proud to offer laser dentistry in Clearwater, FL to help our patients get comfortable care for gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral health issues.


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